With a background in marine biology and a lifetime of hunting and fishing under my belt, I enjoy writing what I know, which is science and nature, with a little culinary content thrown in for added zest. I have written the "Bay Naturalist" column for Gulf Coast Fisherman for the last 11 years and have written blogs about Houston restaurants on the Houston Chronicle's 29-95.com. You can also check out my dabblings in Japanese culture and food on For the Love of Garlic, a joint effort combining writers from Texas, Colorado and New Jersey.

Have a project that needs a little help? Content is king, as they say. You can have a beautiful site or print magazine, but without the right content, it fizzles. That is where I come in. I handle everything from regular print columns to blogs and everything in between. If it requires a little research or SEO styling, even better. 

Give me a call or shoot me a message on my contact page, I would love to hear from you.


My rates vary depending on the project, but I offer both per word based pricing for shorter items and per page/project on lengthier items. All of my content is thoroughly researched, completely original and in most cases, the copyright transfers to you once payment is received.

In some cases my services can be exchanged for yours.  For example, fishing and hunting outfitters could exchange their packages for my SEO service or promotional writing.  I can be creative in this regard.

Questions? Please contact me.